Special Deals

Free Custom Responsive Website
 For non-profit organizations and select small businesses!

If you are a nonprofit organization we can build you a new Responsive Website or Multi Screen Website for Free. 

We will also assist your organization in applying for a Google Grant. Google Grants For Non Profit offer Google AdWords accounts upto $10,000.00 a month.
Our new all responsive website design or multi screen website design use the latest technology and design to show on all devises, desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phones, IPhones and smart TVs.

If your website is more than than three years old there is a very good chance you are missing relevant traffic to your website. For sure your website is not being viewed by the millions of people searching on their IPhone's or tablets.

The cost of a new responsive website is much less today than three years ago, not to mention the power and capacity.

Our new Responsive Website and Multi Screen Websites starts from $995.00 plus taxes and monthly maintenance and reporting fees.

If you have any question contact an agent at info@ppcsolutionsrus.com or call 250-928-3122

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